Two Lincolns and a Caddy


Published in Unpop

Artist's Statement

What do you get when you cross a cynical sense of humour with a surreal treatment of popular imagery? What can be found somewhere in between the subliminal and the sublime? What is the difference between ridicule an disdain, contempt and the banal? “Unpop”!


Unpop borrows a stark, hard-edged image from Pop Art and at the same time the strange dream-like depth of Surrealism. It is as exclusively none as much as it is all of these things. Born out of photo reproduction and serigraphy, the manipulated image explores the interaction between visual and verbal relationships. Unpop is the marriage of image and title.


The process involves a layering of transparent colours to create texture, using bloc-out and grease pencil. After the essential blueprint is laid down, the print is completed by the addition of the halftone photo, photo collage and/or photocopy. The edition is consummated with the penciled-in title and two dissimilar ideas become one.


It’s as Unpop as you’ll find anywhere, and collectible too!